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Transport your car to Hawaii

Transport your car to Hawaii

Time to drive your car around Hawaii?

Use an experienced auto transporter who can make it happen with no snags or kinks. The process is simple when you have a shipper you trust by your side. We are intimately familiar with the route a car takes to Hawaii, so we can assist you without a problem. Here at Apollo Auto Transport, we have experience getting cars to Hawaii from any of the Pacific ports: Los Angles, Oakland, or Seattle. Since every vehicle has to go through one of these ports, that leaves us with two possible situations:

1. If you are already in the area, you can drive your car to the port (in Seattle, Oakland, or Los Angeles). From there, we transport your car via enclosed container on a vessel to Hawaii.

2. If you are elsewhere in the country, we can transport your car to one of the three ports via your choice of open or enclosed container. Then we ship your car in an enclosed container on a vessel to Hawaii.

Now you know that vehicle shipping all the way to Hawaii is actually a breeze! If you are already in or close to one of the three ports, the process is even more direct and easy. In any case, once you arrive in Hawaii you can meet your car at the port. You can track your car so that you know the time frame you have to pick it up. You can call the port for more information on storage fees that accumulate should you not pick your car within the pickup date. However, if going to the port is not in your schedule, our company will gladly arrange to have a local tow truck company drop your car off right at the door of your choosing, for a fee. Please speak with us if you are considering the direct drop off option, as larger or modified vehicles will require a higher fee.

How long will auto shipment to Hawaii actually take?

To determine the transport time, let's specify your starting point. If we are shipping your vehicle from the Midwest, then it takes 5-7 days to reach a port. Once the vehicle transport vessel sets off on its once-per-week voyage to Hawaii, the travel time is an average of ten days. To be more specific, it usually takes ten days for a ship to reach Oahu but 17 days to reach Kauai and Maui. You will be notified of your vehicle's impending arrival a day or two before by one of our representatives. We will tell you when and where you can expect your car.

Do I have to pay for insurance and liability?

No, insurance and liability are handled by the company. During your car's journey, it will be fully ensured during land transport, then at sea, liability is limited. This liability will handle whatever damage may occur throughout travel, within the price of your vehicle. The Marine Cargo Policy, specifically its 'Inland Marine Caro insurance policy' is what protects your vehicle. You will not be paying any fee for this coverage nor the coverage on land.

How much will I have to pay to transport my vehicle to Hawaii?

You can expect to pay an average of $1280 to ship a car straight from one of the three Pacific ports to the islands. Check back with us close to the time of your trip to get an accurate cost estimate. To get a quote right now, you can request one here.

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