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How do I arrange to transport my car?

Our online calculator can help you get a free quote. You can either contact us directly with any questions or to book the shipping of your auto or we will contact you after asking of the free online quote.

What are acceptable forms of payment?

The ways of payment are:

  • Debit or credit Card
  • Pay Pal
  • Cash at the time of delivery

What does it cost to ship a car?

The cost will depend on the distance of the shipment, the type of shipment chosen and the type of vehicle being shipped. A free quote using our online calculator is the easiest way to find out the cost of shipping.

Is the payments refundable if I cancel the reservation?

We will refund all money paid within 48 hours of the cancelation.

Can I find out where my car is during transport?

We track all of our trucks and will tell you where your car is at any time if you give us a call.

Will I be told the time of delivery?

When the reservation is made, an approximate delivery date will be provided. We will contact clients within a few hours of arrival to provide a more specific time of delivery. It is also possible to get accurate information through tracking the shipment as it is being transported.

How long does it take?

The amount of time from pickup to delivery will vary depending on where the car is being shipped to. It normally takes between 1 to 5 days for delivery.

Where can I find out more about Apollo Auto Transport?

Our website explains much of what we offer. For more detailed or specific information, it is best to contact Apollo Auto Transport directly. Our representatives will be happy to answer any questions a person has.

Is the car insured during transportation?

All cars being transported are insured during the shipping process.

Is personal luggage allowed in the vehicle during transport?

Apollo Auto Transport allows personal luggage in the vehicle as long as it is stored in a suitcase or bag in the trunk of the car. It cannot exceed 100 pounds.

Can you provide classic car transport, antique car transport and exotic car transport services?

Apollo Auto Transport has the ability to transport any type of vehicle. The measures that are used to secure the cars on the trailers are adaptable to all styles of cars. For classic, antique or exotic cars, it is recommended that enclosed auto transport is used. This will offer the most protection possible during shipment. Our drivers have the experience necessary to handle these special cars and make sure they are delivered in the condition that is expected.

When will I be notified about the date and time of my vehicle’s pick up?

Once we assign a driver we will give you a call and provide you with details such as the estimated pick up date and the driver’s phone number. The driver will give you a call a couple of hours before the pick up and let you know approximately when he will arrive.

Is the promised delivery date and time guaranteed?

Yes it is, it also depends if you need the vehicle delivered by a certain date or on an exact specific date and that will play a role in determining your rate.

Can I change my availability date?

Yes, if the driver has not been assigned yet.

What are the types of trailer available for the transportation of my car?

There are only two types of trailers, either open or enclosed.

Is my presence required when the vehicle is picked and delivered?

You or someone else that you have authorized (must be over the age of 18) has to be there to sign the Bill of Lading, condition report at pick­up and delivery.

Do you provide transportation for vehicles that are modified or over­size?

Yes we do, once you call us we will give you a customized quote. 

Is the deposit payment at booking refundable?

It is refundable if you cancel your order before a carrier has been assigned to your order. Once we have assigned a carrier for the transportation the deposit is not refundable. 

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

Open transport is the most common method of shipping. The car is loaded on an open trailer that is open on the sides and the top. It is safe, new dealer cars are often transported on an open trailer. Enclosed transportation is mainly requested for the transport of classic, antique and exotic cars. It is also used for vehicles that you do not want to be exposed to weather conditions. 

Can I pay the full amount on a credit card?

Yes, you can pay the full amount on a credit card. Depending on the total amount there might be an additional charge, usually a 3% of the total amount. Contact us to get all options available to you.

Is there a deductible?

No, there is no deductible

When does the quoted offer expire?

The price may change at some point drop or rise. Our quotes are based on the current market and we can’t guarantee that they will stay the same for long. It is beneficial to the customer to book their order sooner than later.

Can I leave some personal belongings in the vehicle while transportation?

It is possible, however those items inside the car are not insured and we are not responsible for them. Extra charge may apply for the extra weight.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

Clean your vehicle inside and outside so the driver will be able to do proper inspection. No personal belongings should be left in the vehicle and all loose parts should be removed, as well as any temporary luggage items and racks.

Is there a confirmation document I will receive for the shipping service?

The confirmation email will serve as your shipping contract. Apollo Auto Transport keeps everything in electronic format for environmental and efficiency reasonss.

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