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Enclosed Auto Transport Services


Apollo Auto Transport offers enclosed car moving service - one of the best ways for a person or business to move vehicles from one place to another. For cross country car transport or just moving vehicles a shorter distance, the idea of putting them on a truck and not having to actually drive them is very appealing to a lot of people. It is easier, cheaper and less dangerous than other methods of moving vehicles. Most people choose one of two types of car transport; open auto transport or enclosed auto transport. There are many reasons why enclosed auto transport is the best option.

Why Choose Enclosed Car Transport?

When a person has a vehicle that is worth a lot of money, and would want to ship his/ her car they may not want it exposed to the weather during transport. Apollo specializes recommends enclosed auto transport for the following types of vehicles

Classic car auto transport

Antique Car transport

Exotic Car transport

Any vehicle that a person does not want in the weather

It is impossible to control the weather. Rain, snow and dirt cannot be stopped when you are driving across the country or from one city to another. Trying to delay the trip until you have clear weather is not a feasible option. That is why used an enclosed auto transportation service makes sense to a lot of people.

Other Advantages of Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

People that drive exotic cars, antique cars or classic cars usually have a lot invested in the car. They not only invest financially in the car, they invest emotionally. Enclosed auto transport offers several advantages that make the owners of these vehicles happy.

Smaller loads – The enclosed auto trucks hold fewer vehicles. This helps insure the safety of the cars during the transport. It also means that the time to transport the cars to different destinations is shorter. It is possible to get a car shipped quicker when enclosed transport is chosen.

Technology – The trucks are equipped with the latest technology. This includes mapping systems, tracking systems and communication systems. The location of the vehicles in the truck are known at all times.

Security – Not only are the cars held securely in place while inside the enclosed trailer, they are also out of view of everyone around. People like to look at classic, antique and exotic cars. They may want to get their picture taken next to one of them. When they are inside of an enclosed trailer, no one is able to see them and no one is even aware of what is inside the truck. It makes it less of a target for everyone.

Apollo Auto Transport is experienced in working with the cars that people want inside of an enclosed trailer. We offer door to door car moving service and we make sure that your car is treated in the right way. For more information about Chicago car transport and to find out what it would cost to ship a car, contact us for a free online quote.

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