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The strict definition of a classic car is a high quality car built between 1925 and 1948. That may be the strict definition, but to the owner of a classic car, the definition is much more involved. The classic car is something that the owner takes pride in. It may be something that they have worked hard to restore and that they have cared for through the years. To many classic car owners, the classic car is part of the family.

When a classic car is in its home, it is usually pampered. It is kept indoors and the owner will spend time to make sure that it looks its best at all times. When it is taken, out, the owner is careful to make sure that it is not damaged and that it remains in great condition. That is due to the pride people have in their classic cars. When a person is moving across country or if they are going away on an extended vacation, they may decide to take their classic car with them. This can be especially true for snowbirds. Those are the people that escape from a cold climate during the winter and spend that time in a much warmer climate. It makes sense for them to have their classic car to drive in a place where the weather is nice.

The problem with moving and having a classic car is that driving the car to the new destination is not a viable option. It could damage the car or it may just not be possible. That is why Apollo Transport is happy to offer classic auto transport.

Apollo Transport will pick up a car and put it on one of our trucks to take it to its new destination. We have open transport trucks and closed transport trucks. When it comes to classic cars, it is recommended to choose the close transport trucks. The car is put into a truck that has solid exterior walls. It is not exposed to the weather and arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it left. There is not dirt or debris from the roads and there is no wear and tear on the car.

The trailers are designed to handle any type of car. We can make sure that a classic car is secured properly and safely when it is put into the truck. Our drivers are experts at handling all types of vehicles and understand the care that is needed for a classic car.

Because of the financial and emotional investment of a classic car it makes sense to give them the best possible transportation when they have to be moved. They deserve the best and Apollo Transport is ready to provide it.

For more information about Classic auto transport and to find out what it would cost to ship a car, contact us for a free online quote."

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